When We Were Researching It Together – Ways of Working in Participatory Art-based Research

International conference 16.-18.th of April 2020 in Hamburg Between 2011 and 2018 two cultural institutions and two universities in Hamburg have teamed up for an experiment in the growing field of artistic and art-based research: Within the programmes Assemblies & Participation and Performing Citizenship they explored formats of research in between art, academia and society […]

Participatory Art Based Research

academic-artistic research as participative knowledge production with HafenCity University, FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research , K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, 2019-2021 Participatory Art Based Research (PABR) The research project PABR evaluates the methodologies and formats developed in the course of the two art based research programs Assembly and Participation (2012-2014) and Performing Citizenship (2015-2018). It […]