Participatory Art Based Research

academic-artistic research as participative knowledge production with HafenCity University, FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research , K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg, 2019-2021

Participatory Art Based Research (PABR)

The research project PABR evaluates the methodologies and formats developed in the course of the two art based research programs Assembly and Participation (2012-2014) and Performing Citizenship (2015-2018). It aims to present coherent approaches of participatory art based research derived from the conducted 20 experimental, participatory, transdisciplinary, and artistic research projects carried out within the programs. To advance research in between academia, art and social practices the project will describe ways of working and best practice models and provide them in an online publication on how to conduct participatory art based research.

In a first phase the existing experiences, data and formats from the various projects are analyzed and charted into more general approaches. In a second phase the derived results are tested in newly conceived art based research projects. Hence, the project unites research ON and WITH artistic practices.

The approach of participatory art based research situates itself in the international discourse on art based research, as well as in citizen and participatory research, and tries to expand both with its combination. A focus of this research project rests on the verification that art based research has the potential to open academic research and make it more inclusive.

Participatory Art Based Research is a cooperation of the HafenCity University Hamburg with FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research and K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg and is funded by the Department of Science, Research and Equality of the City of Hamburg. In April 2020 we hold a conference to put forward our results and organize a workshop for further discussion.


Dr. des. Maike Gunsilius

Dr. Sebastian Matthias

HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU):

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Wildner

FUNDUS THEATER/ Theatre of Research:

PD Dr. Sibylle Peters

K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg:

Dr. Kerstin Evert



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